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NOBL Stories

We hear stories from retailers, pet parents and veterinarians all the time about how NOBL Bars are solving problems for the dogs in their life. From time to time they're so extraordinary that we can't help but write about them. These are those stories, and we couldn't be happier to share them with you!

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Breed Spotlight

From the gentle Golden Retriever to the playful Papillon, every breed has unique and special characteristics due to thousands of years of breeding for particular traits. However, while we don’t necessarily always need the behaviors initially expected of them (most people don’t get a German Shepard to herd sheep or a Weimaraner to hunt bears anymore), these qualities are what make them astonishing. One thing is certain. No matter if our pup is an eager-to-please English Setter or an intelligent yet stubborn Cocker Spaniel, they leave imprints on our hearts that last forever.

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The Blog at NOBL

NOBL was founded by a couple of former “big pet food” execs who saw a chance to put Pets Before Profits and create a highly nutritious food. These stories highlight our mission to provide the most nutrient dense pet food with the highest digestibility in a convenient bar for pet owners “on the go.” Our pets deserve the highest quality nutrition and we know that the best nutrients come from nature’s ingredients. We also believe that pet owners shouldn’t need the internet to understand what is in their pet’s food. If you can’t read it, don’t feed it! That’s no nonsense and no bull! Right?

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NOBL Published

The NOBL team are industry leading experts dedicated to providing the highest quality nutrition for your pets. We're regularly called to contribute to publications across the web and when we get that opportunity we want to make sure to share it with our customers.

Stay tuned here for our latest publications, and research as we continue to Kick the Crap Out of Kibble

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