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At NOBL Foods, we believe sustainability is an integral part of every decision that we make. Some of the decisions will cost more to implement. Some won't increase our top-line revenue. Some may not even be fully understood by our customers, but we still do it anyway because it's what is right!

What does Sustainability really mean?


Let's focus on what is meant when companies claim they focus on sustainability. Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Put simply, it focuses on the 3P's: Profit, People and Planet. Unfortunately, many pet food companies and brands make pledges to sustainability, but it often takes a long time to achieve sustainability goals if at all.

When people think of sustainability, they typically focus on packaging, but it's so much more than that. Sustainability encompasses the ingredients, packaging material, shipping, manufacturing and even digestibility of the food your pet consumes.

The Stance

on Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging:

With the introduction of our vegan food, we launched our new and improved high-density polyethylene type 2 recyclable packaging, utilizing digital printing. This is the most environmentally friendly form of packaging when compared to traditional pet food printing for the following reasons:

  • It doesn't require printing plates & cylinders
  • Can order to demand vs. minimum order quantities = less inventory obsolescence and scrapped materials
  • Has a lower impact on global warming (kgCO2 equivalent)
  • Has lower photochemical ozone impact (kgNMVOC)
  • Can utilize recyclable film

With our type 2 recyclable packaging, consumers can utilize traditional curb-side programs or traditional grocery store drop-off recycling programs (depending on your location). It can then be recycled into dog houses, picnic tables, lumber, benches and fencing , in addition to other bottles and containers.

Additionally, our packaging supplier is a member of the Sustainable Packing Coalition, the leading voice on sustainable packaging, with a membership that encompasses the entire supply chain which aligns with our companies core values.

Sustainable Sourcing:

NOBL takes sustainability beyond how the empty package is treated. We source packaging and manufacturing locally, cutting down on fossil fuels for transport. Raw materials for our food and treats are sourced in the U.S. and Canada, with the exception of three ingredients in our vegan food bar. All of our raw material sourcing can be found in the "Nothing to Hide, Everything to Share" section of our website.

Our products utilize the least amount of ingredients possible to ensure each is complete and balanced, with no fillers. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, both socially and environmentally. The day we started our company, we knew that both transparency and sustainability were critical to our "Pets before Profits" mindset. We are a pending certified B-Corp.

Sustainability is Digestibility too!

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Knowing the digestibility of your pet's food can result in less waste being excreted into the backyard or landfill. By making sure our foods are 3rd party tested to be highly digestible, we ensure there is less waste in the environment - whether you must pick it up or not! Since our food is truly nutritionally dense, you'll feed less than the leading brand of natural kibble. Overlay that with the digestibility of kibble vs. NOBL, and you can easily see there is 10x more fecal waste. Digestibility is important for nutrient availability and sustainability - they are not mutually exclusive.

Our Transparency

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