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The NOBL Story

Imagine two guys with 50 years of combined experience in the pet food industry deciding to put “Pets Before Profit.” That’s how we got started as Guardian Pet Food, and eventually became who we are today: NOBL Foods & Dog Almighty Elixirs. Check out Dog Almighty below!

At NOBL Foods, our mission is to provide the most nutrient dense pet food with the highest digestibility in a convenient bar for pet owners “on the go.” Our pets deserve the highest quality nutrition and we know that the best nutrients come from nature’s ingredients. We also believe that pet owners shouldn’t need the internet to understand what is in their pet’s food. If you can’t read it, don’t feed it! That’s no nonsense and no bull! Right?

Dog Almighty Elixirs

Jim Galovski, Co-Founder

Jim is doggie dad to Louie, a Golden Retriever puppy and Captain (Cappy), a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel_ and a 25-year veteran in the pet food industry. Jim sees to it that you not only get the best food possible for your pet but that you also have the best experience possible bringing it to your home and feeding it to your pet.

 His career credentials come by way of numerous roles at Nestle Purina, Mars Pet Care (Royal Canin), and Blue Buffalo, including territory manager and team leader to Director of Global Supply Chain Solutions and Director of Veterinary Commerce—all of which led to here, NOBL, and his firm belief in pets before profits.

Jim also has consulted for a half dozen other pet food companies in various stages ranging from start-ups to established global players, always sharing his distinct point of view and ethos that we should always do our best by the animals who we share our lives with. Jim currently serves on the Advisory Boards of Bond Pets, LLC and PetMio.

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Dr. Ryan Yamka, Co-Founder

Dr. Ryan Yamka (PhD, MS, MBA, FACN, PAS, Dipl. ACAS) is the pet parent of Lexi, Luna, Mango, and Liberty -- the kicker of crap out of kibble. He’s the science and nutrition behind our foods who’s launched hundreds of pet products in the veterinary, dry, wet, meat roll, treat and litter categories and the holder of more than 50 patents.

He’s a certified professional animal scientist (PAS), board certified with the American College of Animal Sciences (Dipl. ACAS) in nutrition, a fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN) and, in 2011, and the recipient of the ASAS Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award and 2019 the Pet Age ICON award.

 When he’s not creating the healthiest of foods and treats, he’s championing the cause of pets. Ryan has published numerous manuscripts, abstracts and book chapters, and writes for Pet Food Industry Magazine debunking pet food myths and misconceptions and has been featured on numerous podcasts. 

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