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Bella’s Story: How the Digestibility of NOBL Canine Food Bars Helped Provide Vital Nutrition to a Dog Dealing with IBD

Posted by Jim Galovski on
Bella’s Story: How the Digestibility of NOBL Canine Food Bars Helped Provide Vital Nutrition to a Dog Dealing with IBD | NOBL Foods

"NOBL Turkey and Duck bars literally saved my dog's life," exclaims Jo Wilkerson from Hermosa Beach, California. After Jo's Pitbull mix, Bella, suffered an allergic response within the intestinal tract which interfered with her ability to absorb and digest nutrients, she turned to NOBL for more complete and balanced nutrition. 

It started with a reaction to medication that caused a flare-up of inflammatory bowel disease in Bella, a chronic irritation of the intestinal tract that can induce gastrointestinal bleeding and considerable weight loss, causing Bella to go from 65lbs to 54lbs. Jo attempted to find the right food for her dog, tried various brands of vet Rx-recommended hydrolyzed protein diets of both canned food and dry kibble, and even attempted home-cooked meals using novel ingredients. Despite her efforts, there was only one brand of doctor-recommended canned food Bella could tolerate.     

Jo explains, "Between the different foods and in combination with the steroids Bella was on to control her IBD, she continued to lose weight at an alarming rate despite consuming up to eight cans of the prescription diet daily. I was really struggling to find a food to get the nutrients inside her without the volume."

Bella was miserable, gassy, bloated, and uncomfortable from the sheer volume of food. It was a turning point in Bella’s recovery when a friend recommended NOBL Canine Food Bars as the bars don't have any grains and are highly digestible Bella was easily able to transition to incorporate the bars into her diet. And because NOBL products have fewer ingredients than other leading freeze-dried companies and no synthetics, Jo could feel confident that she was providing Bella with the best nutrition.  

Jo says, "It was such a relief when we tried this product, and it worked! We were able to reduce the amount of canned food by feeding her 4 bars, decreasing her food intake by 54oz (or 3.4lbs) daily. By feeding NOBL bars, Bella received better nutrition and maintained her calorie intake, all without causing her to be so bloated."

The bars also improved the quality of Bella's stools, something of importance for dogs with IBD as the condition often comes with chronic diarrhea. As NOBL Canine Food Bars are truly nutritionally dense, they produce less pet waste. Bella's favorite bar, the turkey and duck recipe, has 90.3% total digestibility, giving her the best nutrition. 

"The icing on the cake is that Bella loves the taste and eats them with enthusiasm. In addition to the turkey and duck bars, she also goes crazy for the salmon treats," states Jo. "I am so grateful to have discovered this product. Thank you to Jim and your team for helping to get Bella back to health. She has gained 8lbs so far and counting!"

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