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Prepare Your Dog for 4th of July Fireworks

Posted by Jim Galovski on
Prepare Your Dog for 4th of July Fireworks - NOBL Foods

When most people think of Independence Day, they think of food, picnics, parades, and, of course, fireworks. However, not all pups are fans of the fanfare. Fireworks are loud, bright, and unpredictable. To an unprepared puppy, they may come across as threatening or scary. For pet parents, it is essential to be as ready as possible during this holiday, as fireworks usually can’t be avoided. Luckily, several resources are available to keep your pup calm and safe during this time, resulting in a more enjoyable holiday for everyone.  


Make Sure Your Dog’s Chips and Tags Are Updated

4th of July

More dogs run away on July 4th than on any other day during the year. As canines have a more acute sense of hearing, fireworks often trigger their fight-or-flight response. Having your dog’s tag updated with your latest contact information and ensuring your pet is microchipped will help others contact you if your pup runs away out of fear.


Try to Keep Your Dog Inside 

If you know your pet is anxious around fireworks, the best bet is to create a safe space inside the home. Many dogs prefer “den-like” areas in quiet rooms away from windows, such as the basement, a closet, or even a crate. You may even want to turn on the TV or play white noise to drown out the booms in the sky. The farther you can keep them from seeing or hearing the noise outdoors, the better. 


Provide Comfort and Calm

If you know your dog has an extreme reaction to fireworks, it may be best for a member of the family to stay home with them or have a trusted dog sitter come to the home. Their favorite toys, a bone to chew on, or treats may also provide a distraction and an extra layer of comfort. 


Desensitize Your Dog to Loud Sounds

4th of JulyWhile it takes some planning and time, it is possible to desensitize some dogs to fireworks. Some have found success playing soft sounds of fireworks, so the dog becomes used to hearing them. An added measure, called counter-conditioning, is giving your pup treats as they listen to the sounds, so they associate fireworks with good, not scary.


Talk to the Professionals

There are some cases where a dog’s response to fireworks can be severe enough to warrant a trip to the vet or a professional dog trainer. They will have some therapeutic treatments in mind that may help an overly anxious pet.


NOBL and Dog Almighty Can Help Calm Your Nervous Pup

For those looking to distract their dog with treats during fireworks or use treats during desensitizing and counter-conditioning, our NOBL VISIBLES canine treats can help. We believe that no matter what is on the Independence Day menu, pets always deserve the highest quality nutrition, which is why our products are formulated with natural ingredients, simple feeding, and honest presentation. The best part is that your pup will love the drool-worthy mix of 100% all-natural flavors, aromas, and textures, made with only three ingredients. No matter if you are rewarding a good deed, giving a little extra love, or distracting from a loud firework, you can still feed the best that nature has to offer. To learn more about our NOBL VISIBLES canine treats, click here


Our Dog Almighty Elixirs, a convenient liquid supplement, are another option for pet parents looking to help add a little bit of tranquility into their pet’s life. Our Calm formula, made with a blend of chamomile, thiamine, ginger, and tryptophan, is a tasty, drinkable daily supplement that is designed to help dogs live their best life, on the 4th of July and every day. Pet parents can avoid the hassle of pills and powders (which is challenging when dealing with an already nervous pup) and actually give their dogs something they will enjoy. We recommend serving our Calm elixir several hours before the anticipated anxiety will start, if possible. Click here to learn more about our Calm elixirs. 

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