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Adventure Awaits: Be Prepared When Traveling with Your Pup

Posted by Jim Galovski on
Adventure Awaits: Be Prepared When Traveling with Your Pup - NOBL Foods

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As the spring and summer arrive and temperatures warm up, more and more people will travel to their favorite destinations – and that includes bringing along their favorite furry friend. After all, pets are part of the family. With the proper planning, traveling with a pet can be enjoyable, safe, and easy. With so many dog-friendly vacation spots, the most challenging part of bringing along your buddy should be determining where you want to go and what you want to do. 


Pet-Friendly Beaches

If a beach vacation is on your radar, finding a pet-friendly beach (with some even allowing off-leash activities) will ensure tails are wagging. Some top saltwater destinations for pets and their parents include Wilmington, North Carolina's Freeman Park, a sizeable dog-friendly beach. Fort Myers, Florida is home to the beautiful Bonita Beach Dog Park, and Key West, Florida's no-leash-required Key West Dog Beach is popular among locals and tourists. If lakefront views are more your style, South Lake Tahoe in California and Lake Placid in New York supply pristine freshwater beaches for four-legged friends. 


A Vacation with a View

Albuquerque, New Mexico's oldest city, is a popular dog-friendly getaway with numerous nature hikes that include outstanding views of the Sandia Mountain Range. Asheville, North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway and the North Carolina Arboretum are the perfect places to spend a day for an active pup. Avid outdoor enthusiasts will find Bend, Oregon an ideal place to bring their canine companion, as not only does the city have the highest per capita dog population in the world, but it also includes over 50 miles of trails, several off-leash areas, and countless opportunities for a swim in the river. 


The Excitement of the City

Throughout the United States, there are several cities known to be great for pets and humans too. Chicago is a popular dog spot, with trails along Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, and Paradise Park. Another big city destination that has a lot to offer canine companions is San Francisco, which is home to numerous pooch-perfect beaches, Golden Gate Park, and Fisherman's Wharf, to name a few popular attractions. Austin is also known to be one of the friendliest places to visit with a pup, with Red Bud Isle Park (an off-leash island park), dog-friendly downtown shopping, and several dining options that allow furry members of the family on the patio. 


Travel Tips

To make your trip as stress-free as possible, it is essential to book pet-friendly accommodations. While many hotels allow animals, some have weight restrictions, and renting a house or camping may be a better idea. If you are driving, it may make sense to have your dog in a harness seatbelt (and even some states require it). Airline journeys will need a suitable and comfortable carrier along with a mat and water. Also, favorite toys, vaccination records, and medications shouldn't be forgotten. 


Easy Feeding 

How, when, and what to feed your dog will be an important decision as you embark on your next adventure. Traditional kibble bags are often bulky and heavy. Furthermore, if your canine is highly active or participating in long hikes or sunning on the beach, you want to make sure they get the nutrition they need to sustain their energy.

NOBL Canine Food Bars are the perfect solution for the pup on the go. Each freeze-dried bar is nutrient-dense and provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Whether chicken, beef, or vegan, NOBL canine food bars are never made with fillers or synthetics – just pure, digestible ingredients from nature. Pet owners can forgo the cumbersome kibble for a bar that can be easily served straight from the wrapper – no bowl, refrigeration, or freezer required. Scorelines provide easy and accurate feeding depending on weight, with each bar feeding a 25-pound dog. As an added bonus, the food bars are so digestible that they produce less waste (and less picking up poop while exploring a new city). 

With no confusing feeding guides to manage, no thawing or bowls required, and no rehydration, active pets and their parents don't have to compromise on food choices while traveling. Learn more about our food bars and what they can do for your adventurous pup.

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