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Kibble Anonymous is our rewards program for the discerning parent and dog. Get started and get rewarded as you feed your best friend the best that pet food has to offer—Real Ingredients, Simple Feeding, and Honest Presentation.

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First time customers, Complete our Five-Day Challenge for just $9.95—OR order any bulk pack OR case of our bars. You and your pup will see that “Feeding is Believing.”

1. Share your new-found love for our food bars online with your friends. Simply post a few photos of your doggie with our bars, tagging them with #KickedTheCrapOutOfKibble and #KibbleAnonymous.

2. Rewards! Celebrate your breakup with a FREE "We've Kicked The Crap Out Of Kibble" t-shirt upon completing our 5-Day Challenge feedback form and the instructions sent via email. 

Active Guardian or NOBL customers are automatically part of the this pack upon signing up .

Silver Level - Best Friends

Any Bronze member can become a Silver Tag member. Simply, Subscribe to our bars for at least 6 months (at a 20% discount!).

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Any Silver level member can become a Gold Tag member. Subscribe to our bars for another 6 months (at a 25% discount!).

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We pack our foods full of ingredients that come from nature,
which pets digest and use better than anything that comes from a lab.

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PieChart TurkeyN Chicken
PieChart BeefN Chicken
PieChart Vegan
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When Bean is done eating, she zooms around the living room twice then passes out for a nap, almost like we humans do after a big Thanksgiving feast!

My Pugs LOVE it! Ingredients and digestibility off the charts good! So good. I LOVE it! Very convenient

You wouldn't think the bars work by the way they look but who cares what they look like, my dogs love them! I can see the improvement in their skin, coat, overall health and yes, poop.