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Animal Welfare at Guardian Pet Food Company, Inc.

Posted by Jim Galovski on
Animal Welfare at Guardian Pet Food Company, Inc. - NOBL Foods



Why do we Test our Products at Guardian Pet Food?

Guardian Pet Food Company, Inc. was founded in 2017 with a singular purpose; to put the health and well-being of pets first and foremost. We set out to accomplish this through improved nutrition by making a highly digestible, nutrient dense pet food. 

Our products are first formulated “on paper” to meet AAFCO nutritional guidelines for dogs and cats based on the known and estimated values of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals of the raw materials used. While many companies stop here, Guardian Pet Food goes further and tests our products to ensure that dogs and cats actually get the nutrition they require to thrive. There are simply too many factors and variables at play to be certain that a calculated value is what is actually available to the pet.


Where do we Test our Products?

Guardian Pet Food only works with kennel facilities that are accredited and registered with the USDA under the Animal Welfare Act. No invasive testing or research of any kind is done that causes injury or illness to the dogs or cats. All testing is consistent with excellence in veterinary care and done to better understand the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. All pets in the kennels have names, are given individual attention, are well-treated with respect and affection by a professional and well-trained, caring staff.


What do we Test?

In the lab:

  • We run a full Nutritional Analysis which includes, but not limited to, complete proximates, amino acid, fatty acid, fiber and sugar profiles.
  • We also run quality control tests

At the kennel:

  • Acceptance/Palatability – the best nutrition is useless if the pet will not eat it. We do not use any palatability enhancers or additives so we test to make sure the combination of ingredients have an aroma, texture and taste that is appealing to the pet.
  • Digestibility – we compare the nutritional content of the finished goods with the content of the pet’s fecal matter in order to determine nutrient absorption/retention.
  • Urine analysis – we test urinary pH levels to be sure that our diets do not contribute to urinary stone formation
  • Fecal consistency – we collect and assess each pet’s feces in order to be sure that our food does not cause digestive upset/intolerance.


Why do we Test?

Pet owners place an extremely high level of trust in pet food manufacturers. After all, providing quality nutrition is the single greatest task we undertake on behalf of our pets. Deficiencies and poor nutrition lead to not only health issues but behavioral issues as well. All that is necessary is proper and thorough testing and the courage to share the results.

When a consumer places their trust in Guardian Pet Food, we believe it is our responsibility to deliver on our promise of quality nutrition for their pet. Through our testing, we are confident in the knowledge that what we say is in our food, and how it performs, is accurate. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

If you would like to see our detailed fact sheet, click here.

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