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NOBL Vegan Canine Food Bars Provide Convenient, Complete Nutrition

Posted by Ryan Yamka on
NOBL Vegan Canine Food Bars Provide Convenient, Complete Nutrition | NOBL Foods


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NEEDHAM, MA – NOBL vegan bars offer a complete and balanced vegan mealtime for dogs. Dogs aren’t carnivores. They’re omnivores. Going vegan with your dog is absolutely an option – with the right nutrition. But studies have shown that many commercial vegan dog foods lack key nutrients1, until the introduction of the NOBL vegan bar. One NOBL vegan bar feeds 25 pounds worth of veggie-loving dog and they can be broken into five-pound portions for precision feeding.

All bars are:

  • Freeze-dried with fewer artificial and synthetic ingredients than other vegan brands.
  • Higher in protein and higher in quality with more essential amino acids than other vegan brands.
  • Clinically proven as highly digestible by an independent third-party, with over 93% fat digestibility and 87% energy digestibility – plus 85% protein digestibility and 85% total digestibility
  • Guaranteed, 100% for your satisfaction. And your dog’s too. Feeding is believing!

“Plenty of pet parents are looking for a vegan option for their dogs,” explained Ryan Yamka, Guardian co-founder. “Our meat-based bars and vegan treats have been very well-received, so a vegan bar was a natural extension.”

In addition, NOBL bars and treats are nutrient dense and highly digestible, which produce very little waste compared to other diets. All use quality ingredients that are sourced and then manufactured in the US and Canada. The convenient, lightweight, nonrefrigerated bar form and packaging make NOBL’s nutritious food bars convenient for on-the-go dogs and their pet parents.

“We’re also excited about our new NOBL brand, messaging, and identity,” shared Jim Galovski, Guardian co-founder. “It’s critical we present our company and products in a way that authentically reflects who Ryan and I are. The way our brand was expressed visually, in messaging, is as important as the ingredients we put into our bars. We love it!”

NOBL canine bars and treats will be available in June 2020 at quality pet retailers and online retailers, including Food bars are available in tasty and nutritious turkey & duck, beef, chicken flavors and a new vegan option. Treats are offered in chicken, turkey and beef flavors and a vegan formula. Suggested retail price is $4.99 for individually wrapped bars, $39.99 for a 20oz 10 pack and $8.99 for the treats.

Formulated with no nonsense and no bull, every product we offer your pet takes the NOBL stance: real ingredients, simple feeding, and honest presentation.

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